Dear friend of YFU  

Thank you for your continued support to YFU Switzerland!

It is our pleasure to invite you to the National Conference 2024 which will take place in
Le LOUVERAIN, Chemin des crotêts 
2206 Geneveys-sur-Coffrane (NE)

as of 12:30 PM on January 27th, 2024.
Possible to stay until the 28th , 2024 but limited space.

We will be looking back to a year of projection on future perspectives thanks to the elaboration of a new vision statement (Leitbild), with fairly good result 95 students abroad and 28 students in Switzerland, and yet, as always, also quite a few challenges.  

YFUTURE, a project which is first and foremost an invitation and an opportunity for YFU Switzerland to consciously create its future, is on its way. And we shall be taking action in that regard during the National Conference.  

This National Conference will be followed by a short workshop on YFUture, a workshop set up  by one of the groups constituted in our Spring 2023 Retreat in Kandersteg. 

Following the desire expressed by some to turn the National Conference gathering into a 2-day event, we are happy to do so this year. Even better, we are happy to invite the host families and their students to join us.

The attached program gives you the rough rundown of key elements which will take place on January 27-28th, 2024. As always, more detailed elements will be added in the coming weeks, so you have all the information you need to sign up at

Please sign up below until January 5th, 2024 at latest!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Les Genevey-sur-Cofranne and in the meantime wish you a happy Christmas Season!  

Marc Weiss
Chair of the Board
YFU Switzerland

John B Borruat
National Director
YFU Switzerland

Invitation to the National Conference 2024

Fiscal Year
01 Oct. 2022 — 30 Sept. 2023

You are cordially invited to YFU Switzerland’s National Conference 2024 which takes place  

Date:          Saturday, January 27th, 2024 
Location:  Le LOUVERAIN, Chemin des crotêts 
2206 Geneveys-sur-Coffrane (NE) 

Arrival trains – transport to Louverain (or 35 min. walk) 

Bern 10:53 – arr. 11:44 
Fribourg (via Ins) 10:31 – arr. 11:44  
Zurich : 09:32 – 11:44  
Lausanne 10:26 via Yverdon arr. 11.44 

Departure trains for those who do not sleep overnight – transport to train station 20:15 

Les Geneveys:
Departure 20:44  – Lausanne arr. 21:45 / Zurich 22:56  
Departure 21:14 – Bern arri. 22:06 Fribourg 22:30 
If you have any question, please contact Markus Stuedeli (078 669 79 74) 



Welcome coffee


Start Membership Meeting


Short break


Membership Meeting resumes




YFUTURE Atelier “Exploring new ways”






Open evening (Informal sharing, stand-up, games)



Welcome and Opening

Marc Weiss, Chair


Minutes of the National Conference 2023*

Marc Weiss, Chair


Board’s and National Director’s Annual Report

Board Members
John B Borruat, ND


Financial Statement, Auditor’s Report Fiscal Year 2022/23*

Matthias Canzani, Chair Finance Committee


Discharge of Board Members

Selina Bruderer


Board Membership Changes*



Election of Auditor


Change of Bylaws*

Selina Bruderer


Budget for 2023/2024

Finance Committee


Vision Statement (Leitbild) YFU Switzerland

YFUture Committee


Motions (if any presented)

Marc Weiss, Chair


(anything can be brought up but not voted on)

Marc Weiss, Chair

* Additional information for all agenda items marked with an asterisk 

Any additional information about the Conference as well as the following documents will be uploaded to below as of January 9th, 2024

  • Item 2: Minutes of the National Conference 2023
  • Item 4: Financial Statement, Auditor’s Report Fiscal Year 2022/23 
  • Item 6: Documents of the candidates for Board Membership 
  • Item 8: Changes of Bylaws

Please note: No printed versions of these documents will be available at the National Conference! 


To be considered, any motions or additional nominations for Board elections (through written recommendation by ten members of YFU Switzerland) must be submitted to the Board ( no later than December 31st, 2023 (4 weeks prior to the National Conference).

YFU Membership

Returnees 2022-2023 as well as active volunteers and staff are automatically members of YFU Switzerland.
Anyone else becomes a member by paying a membership fee, which, following a decision by the National Conference 2020, amounts to CHF 80.- per year.  

In order to limit administrative costs, there will be no special post mailing reminding members to pay their fees. However, anyone willing to become/stay a member is invited to send their membership fees to YFU Switzerland, Alpenstr. 24, 3006 Bern, IBAN CH42 3000 5227 9620 8779 0.

In case you wish to donate, use IBAN CH73 0900 0000 3002 6359 3 or check our website under or There it is possible to do via Twint.

Please note that only members have a right to vote during YFU’s general meeting and that, should any membership be controversial, the Board has the final say on who can become a member of YFU Switzerland.

Travel refund

The ½-price ticket for public transport to Geneveys-sur-Coffrane will be reimbursed to members on a voluntary basis. Amounts not collected will be considered as a donation to YFU Switzerland.

COVID restrictions

Please note that should COVID restrictions be in force on January 27th, 2024 they will be strictly enforced, including, if advised by the authorities at that time, wearing masks and/or sanitary passes with ID checks.



Final agenda


Minutes oft the National Conference


Financial report


Statuten YFU Schweiz – Proposal


Statuten Vergleich


Statuts YFU Suisse – Proposition


New Board Member motivational letter


New Board Member CV

Please note: No printed versions of these documents will be available at the National Conference!  

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