Dear friend of YFU  

Thank you for your continued support to YFU Switzerland! It is our pleasure to invite you to the National Conference 2022. We will be looking back to a year of recovery, following the very turbulent previous fiscal year. 

During these past months, all our energy has been focused on taking emergency measures to survive before even starting to rebuild YFU Switzerland quite fundamentally. In many ways, the very existence of the organisation was at stake. Thanks to the efforts of many of you, most of you as volunteers or volunteering aside from your positions, we kept on believing that such a move for survival was possible.  

Today, we can say that, while so much remains to be done and we are still at the beginning of YFUTURE, we are gradually getting back on track. The wish expressed a year ago that the YFU spirit would be the fuel to bring us together has become a reality.  

The attached program gives you the rough rundown of key elements which will take place on January 22rd. As always, more detailed elements will be added in the coming weeks, so you have all the information you need to sign up below.

Please do so no later than January 10th, 2022!  

We are looking forward to seeing you in Villars-sur-Glâne and in the meantime wish you a happy Christmas Season! 

Important Update

Dear friend of YFU,
Thank you for your continued support to YFU Switzerland!

Taking into account the sanitary restrictions due to Covid-19, the National Conference will take place on-line only, as of 1:30 PM on January 22nd, 2022. 

The application deadline for participating is extended until Monday January 10th, 2022, midnight.

Please note that the session on “vision” is postponed. There will be no afternoon or evening program.

If you have not yet done so, please sign up below.

Signed-up participants will receive a link to connect to the conference, as well as a code word to access the documents. We are looking forward to having you on-line and making it a memorable event, even though it will be digital!

Marc Weiss
Chair of the Board
YFU Switzerland

John B Borruat
National Director
YFU Switzerland

Membership Meeting YFU Switzerland 2022 (Fiscal Year 2020/2021)


Welcome and Opening

Marc Weiss, Chair

Minutes of the National Conference 2021* 

Marc Weiss, Chair

Board’s and National Director’s Annual Report 

Marc Weiss, Chair
John B Borruat, ND

Financial Statement, Auditor’s Report Fiscal Year 2020/21*  

Julie Tomka, Chair Finance Committee

Discharge of Board Members  

Selina Bruderer

Board Membership Changes* 

Joël Floris

Budget for 2021/2022

Julie Tomka, Chair Finance Committee

Motions (if any presented)

Marc Weiss, Chair

(anything can be brought up but not voted on)

Marc Weiss, Chair

* Additional information for all agenda items marked with an asterisk


Any additional information about the Conference as well as the following documents will be uploaded here as of January 8th, 2022: 

Item 2: Minutes of the National Conference 2021  

Item 4: Financial Statement, Auditor’s Report Fiscal Year 2020/21

Item 6: No candidacies for Board Membership have been presented

Item 8: No motion has been submitted to the Board within the legal timeframe (4 weeks prior to the National Conference).

Item 9: YFU Hosting Encouragement Fund Regulation

Please note: No printed versions of these documents will be available at the National Conference!  

Motions: To be considered, any motions or additional nominations for Board elections (through written recommendation by ten members of YFU Switzerland) must be submitted to the Board ( no later than December 25th, 2021 (4 weeks prior to the National Conference).

YFU Membership

Returnees 2020-2021 as well as active volunteers and staff are automatically members of YFU Switzerland. Anyone else becomes a member by paying a membership fee, which, following a decision by the National Conference 2020, amounts to CHF 80.- per year.

In order to limit administrative costs, there will be no special post mailing reminding members to pay their fees. However, anyone willing to become/stay a member is invited to send their membership fees to YFU, Alpenstr. 24, 3006 Bern, CCP 30-26359-3.  The ½-price ticket for public transport to Villars-sur-Glâne will be reimbursed to members on a voluntary basis. Amounts not collected will be considered as a donation to YFU Switzerland.

Please note that only members have a right to vote during YFU’s general meeting and that, should any membership be controversial, the Board has the final say on who can become a member of YFU Switzerland.

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